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Puppy Programs

During the first six months of a dog’s life, behavior problems can develop that will last a lifetime, if left uncorrected.

Our professional dog training instructors can start housebreaking procedures at eight weeks of age in the convenience and security of a puppy’s home. Through the use of our gentle training methods, we  guide the puppy in the right direction, avoiding many of the problems he may otherwise develop.


Enroll today in our Puppy Training Programs, which include:

  • Problem solving, puppy obedience, socialization
  • Housebreaking, chewing, play biting, digging, jumping on people
  • Jumping on furniture, door crashing, begging, going in the trash, taking food, pulling on the leash


  • Stop accidents
  • Reward proper actions
  • Set up relief area
  • Condition dog to outside or pad

Housebreaking is one of the most important things we can teach our dogs. It allows them to live as an important member of the family. In the beginning, the dog may have occasional accidents. However, with patience, consistency, and proper training, a dog can be housebroken within a short amount of time. 

A crate is a very important training tool, and when used correctly, can become a second home to your dog.


Problem Solving

Is your dog slowly destroying your house (and your morale) by chewing on your valued possessions and relieving himself inside? Is he unruly, jumping on you, your furniture, or your guests? Does he dig in your lawn, bark all day or night, bite, growl, or snap? Is “man’s best friend” having problems that keep you from enjoying the companionship and pleasure that a well-behaved dog should bring?

Canine Counselors

Can Quickly: 

  • Stop unwanted behavior
  • Condition to new behavior
  • Replace bad habits with good
  • Bring dog’s behavior under the owner’s control


Obedience training is an essential part of owning a dog. With proper training, a dog will be a well-behaved addition to a family. Obedience training allows a dog owner to create a trusting relationship with their dog. Training sessions should be fun and educational for both the dog and the owner. It is important to begin and end training lessons on a positive note.



Dogs need socialization for long term development. Their exposure to the outside environment with sight, sounds, smells, people, and other dogs will allow dog owners to enjoy their dog in different social settings.


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